About Me

Hi viewers,

A very warm welcome to you. My name is Indranil Chatterjee. In my short life, so far (I’m aged 41 years as on 2016), I’ve traveled to places, known and unknown. Such travels have only made me feel that life’s too short as you can view only these many places and there are many others that you wish you could. However, every voyage adds some gems to the repertoire. I’ve started this site to share those experiences with you. If you want to re-live my journeys, get information about those places, please join!

Indranil Chatterjee
With The Himalayas at the backdrop – Deoriataal, Uttarakhand, India

My background

I grew up in the city of Kolkata, a city in Eastern India where I did my schooling and college. Thereafter, I moved to the city of Delhi for my job (I’m a software professional, BTW) and ever since, I’ve been there. One of the reasons for that is, not Delhi itself, but it’s proximity to the hills. My travels evolved from short trips on extended weekends to treks for days in the hinterland of The Himalayas and the love affair continues till date.


Contact me

If you have any queries, do email me at indranilatcal@gmail.com.

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